marina cole in alicante

38 good reasons to live in alicante
number 14: limes

you too can be a pretencious git

'...be a dear and pop out and pick a lime
 for the salad will you darling...'
She said wantingly.

'I'll make it worth your while', she added..

She could see Cheryl taking her man away from her before her very eyes. The man she loved and had won over as her very own. She knew how to keep him. But now that bitch of a sister had him in her sights and she knew she had to act fast.

That night at dinner she dressed for the occasion only to take second place in the attention stakes yet again. How had they managed to coincide at the works bash in the same hotel on conscutive occasions? Cheryl sat alongside him flicking her slut of a hairdo and those overtly long oh so false eyelashes in his direction time and time again. It would not be long now before I'd reach bursting point. She was used to sleeping her way to the top, but this time she was in for a disappointment. One fuck too many sis, I thought silently to myself.