This year's attempt number 1. Compare with other seasons' efforts.

open cluster m45 pleiades in taurus
700d on 130pds    65x5min @ ISO800

Rethink. Not sure it's much better.


heart detail

Disappointed with the 72ed heart, tried instead with something slightly bigger.

Discovered by William Herschel on 03 November 1787.

emission regions ic1805 the heart in casseopeia
700d on 130pds    62x8min @ ISO800


autumn clusters

Seeing Capella rise north-east, reminded us, along with the cooler nights, that autumn was upon us. Well, not really because there are no leaves to turn and the temperature is still 16ºC at night. Anyway, the Mediterranean haze forecast proved wrong for a change and left us with...

open clusters m38 and ngc1907 in Auriga
700d on 130pds    32x5min @ ISO800

open clusters ngc884 left with ngc869 in perseus
700d on 130pds    40x5min @ ISO800



nebulosa alma

 Much fainter than expected so we had to go with 8 minute frames again. found a little colour too.

nebula soul in cassiopeia
700d on 72ed    58 x 8min @ ISO800


the heart

 The struggle continues. This time an attempt at HOO. Compare with other seasons. A bit of an improvement. Probably.

nebula heart in casseopeia
700d on 72ed    46x8 minutes @ ISO800


 This season's attempt. again with the cheepo refractor. It seems to be glowing more at the sides these days. Compare with other attempts.

galaxies l to r m31 m110 and m32 in andromeda
700d on 72ed    74x5min @ ISO800