Can anyone see a swan?

Waited for the meridian flip at around 01:00 only to discover that at 03:00 the EKOS scheduler decided to do it's own thing and put the centre of the image along the top edge. Managed to recover a few snaps but still...
gas cloud m17 the swan in sagittarius
700d on 250p    24x5min @ ISO800


Still got powder blue stars. Maybe they really are?
open cluster m11 wild duck in scutum
450d on 130p    40x180s @ ISO800


Visions of London, fortunately with less light pollution.
open cluster m25 in sagittarius
450d on 130p    28x180s @ ISO800


The compulsory waiting-for-something-more-interesting to get high enough. How about...
globular cluster m14 in ophiuchus
700d on 250p    12x180s @ ISO800


Yet more waiting, this time for scutum.
nebula m16 the eagle in scutum
700d on 250p    24x5min @ ISO800


Waiting yet again. Found this. It's there in the middle somewhere.
globular cluster ngc6366 in ophiuchus
450d on 130p    25x180s @ ISO800



Another Sagittarius waiting game. This time I found...
globular cluster m12 in ophiuchus
450d on 130pds    8x180s @ ISO400

More waiting...
700d on 250p    12x180s @ ISO800