More of the same after m8 got lost in the calima to the south, this was a more favorable target.

open cluster m11 wild duck in scutum
700d on nt150s 33x4min @ ISO800


Whilst everyone to the north of here has the comet to play with all night, all we can do is fill in time until it's too late to do anything else.

gaseous nebula m8 lagoon in sagittarius
700d on nt150s    28x4min @ ISO800



Comet spotting after astrnomical darkness had ended. wanted to try something through the heat haze whilst the comet rose.

star mirfak in perseus
700d on nt150s    6x2min @ ISO800


Took 64 frames in total but forgot how low it was after an hour or so after the meridian. Oh, and the moon coinciding with the same time.
nebulosa m17 el cisne en sagitario
700d on nt150s    35x4min @ ISO800

neowise II

Didn't expect it to brighten this much. grabbed the binoculars around 05:00 and ...


they keep coming

The moon seems to be taking its time to want this month. Still too bright after moon rise to do anything which requires even vaguely dark skies. The 6" is half the mass of the 8" and was sitting on the shelf feeling neglected so...

open cluster ngc6802 in vulpecula
700d on nt150s    34x4min @ ISO800

open cluster ngc6834 in cygnus
700d on nt150s    35x4min @ ISO800


more clusters

Too many clear nights for comfort...
open cluster ngc6800 in vulpecula
700d on pn203    35x4min @ ISO800

open cluster ngc6793 in vulpecula
700d on pn208    35x4min @ IOS800