05:15 on Monday morning. Dead silence...
eclipsed moon
canon 1200d + tair 3S    1/4s @ ISO800


el cangrejo

Parsons' drawing
of 1844

From the wide subime to the narrow ridiculous.

The half moon beginning to insist for yet another month... First recorded by Chinese astronomers in 1054 and expanding ever since. It was in 1731 that John Bevis first recognised the nebula which Messier rediscovered in 1758. Lord Rosse observing in 1844 with a 36" reflector at Birr castle drew it somewhat as a crab, hence...

supernova m1 the crab in taurus
700d on 250p    38x5min @ ISO800


wider auriga

Had another go. Following the success of the 200mm, here's what 135mm does...
constellation auriga - centre
700d + takumar 135    53x300s @ ISO800   

alnitak gran angular

On the meridian before midnight, last year I missed Orion. Here's another example with the Takumar. Not only is it sharp, it's colour rendition is good too. Anyway, struggled over 2 nights; the only way to lose the light gradient to the south.

barnard's loop wth stars alnitak alnilam and  mintaka in orion
700d - takumar 135    58x300s @ ISO800


más wider

open cluster melotte-20 hyades in taurus
700d + takumar 135    25x180s @ ISO800
The Takumar 135mm f3.5 -1970s again- up next. Some nice shots before the moon takes over for the next week or so. We'll go back to proper telescopes then of course.
clusters ngc869 centre and ngc884 and a cheeky heart nebula in perseus
700d + takumar 135    31x180s @ ISO800
open cluster m45 pleiades in taurus
700d + takumar 135   39x180s @ ISO800


xmas 2018

Loadsa clear nights around new moon so a good time to get some deep sky stuff

cluster and emission nebula ngc2238 rosette in monoceros
700s + takumar 200mm    29x4min @ ISO800

double cluster

open clusters ngc869 top and ngc844 in perseus
700d + taumar 200mm    34x3min @ ISO800

ic 2087
reflection and dark nebule arouund ic2087 in taurus
700d on 250p    46x5min @ ISO800

wrong target
pointing at the wrong part of the sky whilst trying for ic2087

somewhere in taurus
700d + 250p    about 2 hours
orion with camera vertical (0º)
sword flame and horsehead in orion
700d + takumar 200mm    10x3min@ ISO800
cluster around melotte20 in perseus
auriga: centre of the constellation
700d + takumar 200mm    46x5min @ ISO800
orion with camera horizontal (90º)
flame horsehead running man and great nebulae in orion
700d+takumar 200mm    27x3min @ ISO800
ngc 1333
gas and dust ngc1333 in perseus
700d on 250p    56x5min @ ISO800


flame revisit

Loadsa other attempts, but still can't get this...
emission and reflection nebulae ic405 in auriga
700d on nt150s    41x5mins @ ISO800