DNS woes

Not many DNS servers can cope with the thrashing that Samba 4 has in store for them. The guys at Samba patched the old Bind. Even so, we had to call in the heavy boys to sort out openSUSE's Bind9.

rcnamed stop
Edit /etc/sysconfig/named

Or use the Yast sysconfig editor to do so. Then:

rm -r /var/run/named
mkdir /var/run/named
chown named:named /var/run/named
chown named:named /var/lib/named
touch /var/lib/named/managed-keys.bind

There's some stuff to do for Samba 4 too in /usr/local/samba/private. From the file called named.txt in that folder:

chgrp named /usr/local/samba/private/dns.keytab
chmod g+r /usr/local/samba/private/dns.keytab

Oh, don't forget to restart named (unlike me who took an hour trying to join a windows client to the domain!). It's not perfect, there is still a problem with /var/run/named having too many levels of symbolic links or something. The Bind gurus would laugh at this, but at least it gets a you a Bind that will not fall over when Samba 4 visits town.

I got so fed up with it, I got out the big hammer:

#Steve 17 Jan 2012
#To workaround the openSUSE bug. Run this script to restart named
#copy this script to e.g./usr/local/bin/restartnamed, chmod +x it
#Then just type restartnamed
rcnamed stop
rm -r /var/run/named
mkdir /var/run/named
chown named:named /var/run/named
rcnamed start

With Ubuntu you can use the bind9.9.0 beta. Instead of running as named, it runs as bind.