ic410 pn208 phd2 ppec

A round of applause to Edgar, Andy and Brian at openphdguiding.org for the beta release of their predictive periodic error correction. Andy did a before-and-after gif on my logs.

RMS under 1' over a 2 hour run.

Murky, calima sort of evening. You can normally see the outline of Canis Major, but last night only Sirius was showing through; the sort of conditions which when it rains, you get mud showers. Here are the renacuajos again, this time with a bit more aperture. A good target to test the PPEC, or so I thought. It's faint enough to need some heavy developing, so once again, I'm glad to see the cheap-chinese-rubbish is up to the task. Anyway, here it is as it looked 12000 years ago. I wonder if it's changed much since?
star forming region ic410 the tadpoles in auriga
700d + pn208  32 x 180s @ ISO800