Another dream, more memories. October 1980. This time Andromeda and Clacton on Sea, Essex. There was no way I could afford the fast Nikkor 300, so I had to get second best, a Sunagor 300mm f4.5. No. I'd never heard of it either. My first teaching Job at Colbayn's High School. First pay cheque. Went to Covent Garden -some Frederick Ashton choreographed ballet- stopping for a pint of Bass at The Prince of Wales' Feathers on Warren Street, a walk across to Capital Cameras at Euston Tower and so ended up with my first Nikon: a black all manual fm with a nikkor 50mm f1.8.

I'm sure there's someone photographing us. I wonder what we look like from over there? 
galaxies m31 m32 and m110 in andromeda
canon 700d with 300mm lens at f8 12 x 240s @ ISO800