stephan's quintet or bust

from film to digital
cr150-HD6 on eq5
horche 1998
cr150-HD6 on eq6
polop 2016
 1998 and still going strong. It's weathered the years well. Back then I dreamed that one day I'd photograph the quintet; impossible with the technology of the day. Certainly with what I had anyway. Last used in anger for the Mars opposition of 2003, it's been hanging around getting lonely here in Polop ever since. Until today. 

 cluster m45 in taurus 1999 nikon fm2 on fuji cz800 d&p por fotografía nacho abascal 
galaxies ngc7331 (right) and stephan's quintet in pegasus 2016
canon 700d with the cr150 refractor 24 x 240s @ISO800