a dark nebula

** UPDATE had a go with the ar152

Just about to give up on this one. Here's what I posted to SGL
After many epic failures in capturing a dark nebula, this finally fell out. After colour balance, this must rank among the most difficult bits of processing. Or far more likely, me being thick. I found by accident; the second stretch (or in StarTools speak develop) seems critical. So instead of using the big autodev hammer for a second time, I developed a few % at a time. Still a way to go: I've now lost a lot of the cute little bright nebula and the stars have lost colour. No surprise that the rest of the colour balance is not good either. Anyway, at last I got a dark nebula. Any comments positive or otherwise most welcome. 
bright nebula ic5146 the cocoon and dark nebula b168 in cygnus
canon 700d on opticstar ar80 25 x 180s @ ISO800