astro lenses

Cheepo ebay special. 30 year old built-like-a-tank-they-don't-make-'em-like-that-any-more screw thread lens. 135mm, which in old money was a telephoto. Now giving wide field views for €30.

with sadr bottom left: the milky way in cygnus 

 cluster tr37 and nebula ic1396 in cepheus
canon 700d with porst 135mm @ f 5.6 : 24 x 240s @ ISO 800  on the good old eq6

And this one. A really cute zeiss 50mm f2.8

with both the sadr clouds and tr37 in the same frame
canon 700d with zeiss 50mm @ f5.6  24 x 120s @ ISO 800

But, I think we have a winner...

but the colour continues to haunt me...