summer solstice

the angle

The solstice took place at 12:51 today, after which the sun began its journey downward once again. In Polop it reached its maximum altitude this year at 14:00 when it was 90-38+23.5 = 75.5º above the horizon. High, and non-escapable for the next 3 months.

the easterlies

On shore easterlies are keeping up the humidity. Tropical night last night with the temperature not falling below 23º. Good time to get out the fireworks it seemed.
the evidence

My 20 year old Cycad seems to like it too. Early leaves appearing this year. But elsewhere, the drought continues. Anything without water is struggling with many established trees seeing their last summer.

the weekend

I also got around to de- (dead-?) heading the Geraniums and re-potting the Philodendron and Azálea. But not as yet to doing the ironing or sweeping the terrace. Such is the demand. . .