Madrid wrapping up

A warm Madrid [1] in April among company who understand (almost) everything I say. A big thanks to all for the warm welcome, lentil burgers, relaxing atmosphere and super fast cable.

Clockwise from left: Alabal 1, Albal 2, patatas, outer wrapper,
inner wrapper
The journey home was made possible due to first class wrapping up following the much acclaimed traditional Spanish method which is of course now a legal requirement-B.O.E 167-2014. I opened the outer wrapper to reveal lentil burger with designer bread and olive oil expertly wrapped not only in the regulation Albal, but also in an expert bocata 'sleeve' which was resealable. Next came oat and chocolate a las tablas biscuit also expertly wrapped in the second of the Albal doses. Below this was to be found a pristine nitrogen cushioned set of perfectly random crisps which exist to this very day awaiting suitable occasion for consumption. Much has been solved. Thanks again. It means a lot.

[1] Madrid: Everyone is very well behaved these days with up to date driving licences and everything. They are much smaller, whiter and younger than I remember. You get the idea that the Ayuntamiento would ban anything remotely risky such as a firework display, and that anyone caught planning a mascletà would be jailed for life. If they didn't ban it, the authorities would make you stand in straight lines far away from said risk, like in Preston for example. C'mon guys, you're in Spain. Let's smile and make a bit of noise!