Kerberos and systemd

** Update
From the MIT guys who suggest:
         default_ccache_name = /tmp/krb5cc_%{uid}
in /etc/krb5.conf as of krb5 v1.11

More systemd changes:(

As from openSUSE 13.1, the kerberos caches are stored under:


We need the root cache to be present for our automounted cifs shares. But the root cache directory which needs to be at:


does not exist unless root has logged in. Of course, for a domain client, root will never be logged in and so the /run/user/0 directory will not be created. How easy this all was when the caches were produced under /tmp.

It's what they call progress so:

1. Create:

which contains:
d /run/user/0 0700 root root

2. Restart the tmpfiles service:
systemctl restart systemd-tmpfiles-setup

OK, so not as painful as you thought.