Samba4: automounted NFS

The automounter take the strain off the server, especially on a busy LAN. Ths has the knock on effect of speeding things up at the client end of the connection. Only the stuff you need gets mounted, rather having all the stuff mounted all the time.

Please see this post for details of the Samba4 and NFS installation on Ubuntu. The current post uses the client server details from there.
1. Ubuntu
We have to change the export slightly to get the automount to recognise the domain entry, CACTUS in this case, so we must export it.

 please be careful with line breaks if you are copying from here. I'll convert the text so that it fits onto a single line but I can only guarantee that in my browser (Chromium under LXDE on openSUSE)

edit /etc/exports
/home/CACTUS *(rw,sec=none:sys:krb5:krb5i:krb5p,no_subtree_check,insecure)

sudo apt-get install autofs

edit /etc/auto.master
/home/CACTUS /etc/auto.misc

edit /etc/auto.misc
* -rw,sec=krb5,vers=3 /home/CACTUS/&

Finally, restart the automounter:
service autofs restart

2. openSUSE
Same as Ubuntu except that it's already installed and to restart it's:
 rcautofs restart