Following Sun Spots

Toward the end of this year, the sun is at the peak of its 11 year activity cycle. Many things have 11 year cycles, including fashion. Skirt lengths accord to 11 year cycles, with this year being at the shorter end of the 11 year spectrum. We detected 4 sunspots at 13:36 today but by 14:30, we were down to just three. You can see their progress as the sun rotates. Not much but you can just see it. We'll make an earlier start tomorrow and not get distracted by clouds this time. SAFETY FIRST: Never look directly at the sun. These photos were taken using a sun blocking filter. The same filter I used for the partial phases of the solar eclipse of 1999 in Reims. Tech. details 2moro.

13:36 4 spots

14:30 down to 3

15:30 still with 3
You can see the rotation of the sun by dragging your browser window to the edge of the screen like this:
In the Blogger editor, but you can see what I mean