k5start on openSUSE

openSUSE 12.1

No k5start available for 12.1 out of the box:(

Grab the source code from here by right clicking and save-link-as'ing it. I didn't write it, so please give me no credit. Drop the guys who did a thank-you note. Russ Allbery: rra@stanford.edu
You'll need the development files for Kerberos. Yast will get them for you as in the screenshot here.
Installing the Kerberos dev stuff in Yast

I saved it in Downloads. so it's:
cd Downloads
tar -xzvf kstart-4.1.tar.gz
cd kstart-4.1
(now become root)
make install
(now become not root again)

You'll find k5start in /usr/local/bin so just typing k5start will launch it.

An example of using it is for processes that run all the time and who's Kerberos ticket would normally expire, so the guy getting the ticket must have renwable enabled. I needed to keep nslcd alive via GSSAPI to access the LDAP in Samba 4. k5start saved my life!

Example syntax:
 k5start -v -f /etc/nslcd.keytab -U -o nslcd-user -K 360 -k /tmp/krb5cc_0 
Details here and in the post just below here.

Official details with permission of the Author
The latest version of k5start is always available here and the excellent documentation here