the skirt

Ms. Sarah Ferguson

The skirt heels legs crop chair suit voice has it.

sunset cloud

Amazing light. Around 20:15.

Still hot. Southerlies tonight bringing warm damp air from the Med. Sea temperature: 28º. The plants like it.

Rediscovered the kite I bought 8 years ago, so of course there's absolutely no wind at all.



We think the first fruit from a palm. Only female plants bear dates and there is no way of telling which gender a plant is before it flowers. Seed to flower takes around 50 years.

And on the way back, a cloud.


des res

on plot storage, landscaped garden
quick sale £190 000
owner emigrating


complicated shadows

coincidence - confusion - family
today a vivid flashback
Conde Duque, Madrid. 13 July, 1996


romería sin romero

polop de la marina 16 agosto 2014 - 27º - storm threatening

Never done this in a happy state of mind. But made a bad start. Couldn't find any romero. I wanted my own romero. Anyway, sin romero, we set off at a fast pace following no fewer than 6 bands with people interspersed looking decidedly hot; mainly girls in heavy dresses. The pace slowed as we hit the slopes via Plaza Purisima. You have to go back to where you started. And carry romero on a stick. It says it in the rules. So with superstition not on our side, we finally made the 3 hour round trip, spared a thought for the musicians blowing and tapping in the humidity and got back to where we started.


iTunes sync

tolerance quiz

Read the following passage concerning iPad skills. Then answer the simple questions which follow.

A. It hasn't gone into music.
B. What?
A. I can't get it into music.
B. Why not?
A. It says to sign in.
B. Well sign in then.
A. It won't let me.
B. Why?
A. It says try again. I do it and it doesn't let me.
B. How many times have you tried?
A. All day. It says I have to wait 8 hours.
B. Let me have a go.
(pause, keyboard activity)
What was the name of your first pet?
A. What pet?
B. Your first pet. What was its name?
A. I didn't have one.
(pause) Hang on, my Mother had a cat.
B. OK then. What was the cat's name?
A. She called it Busby.
B. No, that's not it.
A. What do you mean it's not it?
B. That's not the name of your first pet. It's not what the iPad thinks it is anyway.
(pause, keyboard activity)
What's your Mother's maiden name?
A. Allen. Why?
(pause, keyboard activity)
B. Is that, A L L A N?
A. I think so.
B. Nope. That's not it either.
A. Yes it is.
B. It's not what the iPad thinks it is.
A. What are you doing?
B. Getting the song onto the iPad.
A. Why? I just want it in music.
B. That's what I'm doing.
A. Why is it asking my pet's name?
B. Are you sure it was Allen?
OK. Look, do you have another e-mail address?
A. Yes.
B. What is is?
A. mary@yahoo.co.uk
B. No, not that one. A different one.
A. I used to have one, but I can't remember it.
B. OK.
(long pause, keyboard activity)
OK. What was the name of your first pet?
A. I didn't have a pet.
B. What about the cat?
A. Busby.
B. Perfect. Now, what is your Mother's maiden name? Allen with an E?
A Yes.
B. Perfect.
(long pause)
OK then. I've changed your password to Creamtea42
A. I'll never remember that.
B. Right. It says that this iTunes account is not valid on this iPad
A. What's iTunes account?
B. It's what I need to get the song onto the iPad.
A. I just want it in music.
B. OK. Look, what do you do when you buy a song?
A. Marie does it.
B. So you've never bought a song.
A. No. Marie does it. She got me that Michael Jackson.
B. OK. Can you call her and ask her for her password? Tell her she can change it afterwards.
A. She says what password are you talking about.
B. (long pause, taking the 'phone)
No, no. Not that one. Your iTunes password. You can always change it afterwards.
She can't remember it.


  1. Estimate a time scale for the above events.
  2. Who set up the iPad in the first instance?
  3. Using your answer to (2) above, or otherwise give:
a. The person to whom we should attribute pet ownership.
b. The person referred to when asked for maiden name.
c. The relationship between character A and Marie.
d. A possible identity for character B.

Your score:
 0-30%, mostly D's: You are good at relationships
30-60%, mostly F's etc. etc.