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m42 Birthplace of stars in Orion.
1st. Feb at around 22:00
bresser ar152s petzval on an unguided exos2
StarTools opening screen with a FITS stack from dss
 ready to bring to life

8 x 30s frames at iso 800
can you spot the running man?


sal y pimienta

m37 in a 6" f5 refractor
  dss stack of 46 frames processed in StarTools

Trying to learn deep sky stacker. Old dog, new tricks?

Here is a stack of 18 bias, 12 flat. 12 dark and some m37 frames. 

January salt and pepper cluster. It's a start I suppose.

planetary alignment

I remember the last time. Alfaz, spring 2002. Just after sunset. Here we are again, this time before sunrise, Polop. A rare chance to get a naked eye view of Mercury.
06:50 l to r mercury venus saturn
06:55 l to r saturn (antares) mars moon
with Jupiter off west 


orion nebula

then and now

fujifilm in a nikon fm2
guadalajara 1999

nikon D40
alicante 2016



frames to shoot in NEF
bias ~20
shortest exposure at lowest iso with no light reaching the sensor

dark ~10
same exposure time, temperature and iso of the light frames
usually taken during the photo session

flat ~20
an evenly illuminated frame at the same iso as the light frames e.g. the twilight sky southeasat about 10 mins after sunset. make sure telescope is focussed, expose on A-priority and same orientation as the taken shots.



comet C/2013 US10 catalina

passing through canes venatici

05:30, 13 jan 2016

nikon D40 with 55-200: 70s f5.6