today 22:02

We sit at 90º to the rays of the sun and shall have 12 hours day and 12 hours night.


double cluster f8

More an afterthought than a plan, I had a spare hour or so before the clouds were forecast to roll in after my aborted attempt to capture anything like The Crescent with a dslr, so I had a go at this.
clusters ngc869 left and ngc884 in perseus
700d + nt150L    18x120s @ ISO 800



With poor skies over the last few days, a new term to begin and a full moon to obliterate any stars which were visible, I had to do something last night to avoid hardware seizure through lack of use. Oh, and nice guiding of the f8 using Andy Galasso's excellent PHD2 on my less than excellent EQ6. The excitement is too much for you I sense. So, here we are...
nebulosa wolf-rayet ngc6888 medialuna en el cisne
700d + nt150L   28x270s @ ISO 800
**edit: shot over 3 nights week beginning 11th.


7000 wall

Just to add my take on it and whilst the fast reflector was still setup
nebula ngc7000 detail: el muro in cygnus
700s + pn208    35x270s @ ISO800


more mago

A comparison.  The Wizard in two telescopes.
nebula ngc7380 in cepheus
150 f5.0
700d + nt150s    32x240s @ ISO800
208 f3.9
700d + pn208    37x270s @ ISO800

not el muro

Everyone does the wall so I tried to be original around the corner so see if the lane between ngc7000 and el pelicano looked. 1800 light years distant. Not sure if it worked...
detail of ngc7000 north america in cygnus
700s + pn208    42x270s @ ISO800

otro dark bit

I thought I'd have another go at this, but with the 208-f3.9. A bit better than with the refractor last year maybe...
star cluster and nebula ngc6823 in vulpecula
700d + pn208    45x270s @ ISO800