pillars II

WRT this post, was it worth it? Even though we managed only 8 snaps, it shows that we can get a little closer. Bresser nt150L, f8
nebula m16 águlia in serpens cauda
700d + nt150L   8x240s @ ISO800


planetary pesa

150 f8 at the ready and waiting for m16 to emerge, I thought I'd have a go at this...
planetary nebula m27 dumbbell in vulpecula
700d + nt150-f8   15x240s @ ISO800 


the eagle and the pillars

Still not possible to sleep so why not go ridiculous and have a go at m16? Immortalised by the HST's 'pillars of creation' some years ago and with my telescope dangerously horizontal, I was amazed I got anything close. Dare we have a go at getting in closer with the f8 I wonder?
**edit: Bresser nt150S, f5
nebula m16 águlia in serpens cauda
700d + nt150s   16x240s @ ISO800

veiled western witch

It seems wrong sitting next to a telescope with shorts and t-shirt; you're supposed to be tea-cosy-hat-that-your-gran-knitted-you in the freezing cold. In February. But anyway, with the sensor approaching 32º, how else do you spend tropical nights where the temperature never drops?

This is a cloud of ionised and heated gas and dust left over from a supernova probably 2000BC. The bright star 51-cygni is much closer than the nebula and spoils the shot. The Cygnus Altinak...
nebula ngc6960 witch's broom in cygnus
700d + nt150   31x240s @ ISO800


bola de fuego córdoba

Gran bólido de procedencia desconocida

Crta. co3200 dirección Jaen a la altura de Bujalance, Córdoba.

Foto cedida por mi gran amigo Victor G. sobre las 13 horas del pasado 17 de junio.