Trip to La Nucía. 14:00 is a better time to start as more people are awake. Those that were not, soon were.


pillars detail

Fed up with trying to get more data, I had a go at the pillars...
m16 with canon 700d and the bresser 150 f8


low glob

Dangerously low and with 90% humidity from the moisture laden easterlies, this was either gonna be a pleasant surprise or disaster...
globular cluster m22 in sagittarius
700d + nt150s    30x90s @ ISO800

cygnus dark bit

A 6" reflector, high up in the fox.
nebula and cluster ngc6823 in vulpecula
700d + nt150s    22x240s @ ISO800

festes '17

sábado 13 agosto

l'olla '17