ngc 188

The gibbous moon prevented snapping anything faint and delicate and I'd had a curiosity about this cluster for a while having failed to capture it in winter when it fell just behind 3ºA.. Discovered by John Herschel in 1825, it has stood the test of time and its stars have kept together despite the pull of the milky way. 5000 light years away and above the galactic plane, it has survived 6.8 billion years  to tell the tale. Not easy to guide so close to the pole and strange returning an hour later to see the telescope pointing in the same direction.
open cluster ngc188 in cepheus
700d on 250p    33x120s @ ISO800


m5 meets the moon

Far too close for anything serious in noise and gradient city but anyway...
globular cluster m5 in serpens
700d on 250p    33x120s @ ISO800

m92 layer

The moon is getting too bright for anything much else than bright objects so used this as an attempt at isolating the cluster using a layer mask. A little improvement maybe...
globular cluster m92 in hercules
700d on 250p    mix of 36 120s and 150s @ ISO800


The sun reaches its maximum distance above of the celestial equator at 12:07 today and we shall have the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

Astro darkness in Alicante between 23:26 and 04:38


copa mundial

On 12 July 1966, I walked down to Hillsborough past Wadsley Bridge station to see West Germany 5:0 Switzerland. Exciting times. These days, less so. Four years ago, it seemed little more exciting. In 2006, I organised an outing to go and watch Paraguay-England, alongside the Brits in Benidorm. Flags everywhere. This time around, no flags and little interest. Dunno.  I managed to see a bit of...



Out again trying to get the tilt in check. No target easier than this; at least I could get the cenre with round stars. A little better, Allen keys in hand and a new version of vnc to test so why not leave it? Started before astro darkness. Still turned out quite well.
globular cluster m13 in hercules
700d on 250p    33x120s @ ISO800



After a 2 week spell without a computer, wow. I'd forgotten what to do. Time last night to try and adjust the tilt of the camera. Succeeded hasta cierto punto, but still needed rescuing in software...
nebulosa planetaria m57 ring in lyra
700d + 250p    26x120s @ ISO800