OK, here we go
live feed from the Faroe Islands courtesy: slooh
great start...

...09:05 the eclipse has begun

the big news from Alicante is that it's stopped raining
the eternal optimist strikes again

10:35 first break in the cloud


11:09 high cloud. on with the filter



nikon d40 with 500mm preset at f11 ISO 400
cloud around 1/2000s filter 1/8s


solar eclipse, alicante march 20

times for Alicante 
Friday 20 March, 2015

first contact    :09:05
mid eclipse (59%):10:09
fourth contact   :11:18



Got the old EQ6 mount tracking after 3 years stood gathering dust. Just in time for...

comet Q2 lovejoy

20:45 CET: Q2 passing through Aires

Then, just to check the tracking. A few minutes later...
M42 in Orion

nikon D40: 30' with 300mm lens at f4.5 and f8 respectively

Big thanks to Julie for not only cleaning the mount but also for sweeping the terrace afterwards. 


ley de calificación

a teacher with a nice sensible blouse
who has never had a proper job, yesterday

sheriff's law of marking

at any given time, the number of scripts you have not yet corrected will be greater than those you have


handel at versailles

oratorio Solomon 1748
act II

Paul McCreesh with his Gabrieli band at Versailles proving that baroque music doesn't have to be played in a restrained manner.

As in this chorus...

...seen here in all its D major glory: the Chrysander score of 1866