crescent V

2 and 4 hour renditions. The Crescent is a supernova remnant marking the rise of the milky way and too many stars for comfort season. Compared to the galaxies and the barren skies of spring, a close neighbour at just 4700 light years. First seen by Wilhelm Herschel observing from Slough in 1772.
nebula wolf-rayet ngc6888 medialuna in cygnus
700d on 250p    14x8min @ ISO800
+ another 14x8min

girasol II

Rather faint this one at 27 million light years but clear nights and 2 off 2 1/2 hours after the meridian on each. I had expected better. First catalogued by MéchainJune 14, 1779. I wonder if he saw anything like this? Maybe just a fuzzy patch...
galaxy m63 sunflower in canes venatici
700d on 250p    28x8min @ ISO800



A little further away but brought a little closer than last year, still 34000 light years away though so as we can see, nothing much happened meanwhile...
globular cluster m3 in canes venatici
700d on 250p    19x150s @ ISO800



This year's attempt. An afterthought when the m106 shoot had finished and the sky was too good to leave alone. Leading up the the chimes for 03:00. Great what can be done in just 12 minutes...
globular cluster m13 in hercules
700d on 250p    12x120s @ ISO800


más de lo mismo

prognóstio polop de la marina hoy

m106 II

Tablet link via VNC, set it going and went to sleep. It passed behind the house at 02:15, so went out to stop it. No idea what the neighbours think. Same again tonight.with the alarm set for 02:10. Much more restful. At 23 and 60 million light years distant with various interlopers even further afield...
galaxies m106 and ngc4217 in canes venatici
700d on 250p    21x480s @ ISO800