what to wear?

After a century enjoying Labour stronghold status, Cleveland goes Tory.
Ms. Trudy Harrison deciding upon the new outfit's she'll be needing for the House of Commons.
The poor old outgoing Labour candidate, who turned up in a t-shirt and nice sensible shoes, looks on... 


ic410 pn208 phd2 ppec

A round of applause to Edgar, Andy and Brian at openphdguiding.org for the beta release of their predictive periodic error correction. Andy did a before-and-after gif on my logs.

RMS under 1' over a 2 hour run.

Murky, calima sort of evening. You can normally see the outline of Canis Major, but last night only Sirius was showing through; the sort of conditions which when it rains, you get mud showers. Here are the renacuajos again, this time with a bit more aperture. A good target to test the PPEC, or so I thought. It's faint enough to need some heavy developing, so once again, I'm glad to see the cheap-chinese-rubbish is up to the task. Anyway, here it is as it looked 12000 years ago. I wonder if it's changed much since?
star forming region ic410 the tadpoles in auriga
700d + pn208  32 x 180s @ ISO800


pn208 rosette dfine2

Time only for a few snaps, but a good target to try -the rather nice- google dfine2.
open cluster ngc2244 and nebula the rosette in monoceros
canon 700d + pn208  11 x  120s @ ISO800

swcc monkey nebula

The SkyWatcher coma corrector is designed for cheap flimsy Chinese SkyWatcher telescopes, so I thought it would be well suited to my cheap Chinese not-worth-the-paper-it's-written-on reflector. Indeed it was and with the added attraction of a wider fov. Here we are at f3.5
nebula ngc2174 monkey's head in orion
canon 700d + pn208  26 x 120s @ ISO800


refractor versus reflector

Looking through a reflector is like looking at a photo taken with a refractor.

Looking through a refractor is like looking at a photo taken with a reflector.


flaming IC405

Cables everywhere. A mess. Weather is poor. Cheap Fast Chinese Rubbish in amateurish hands.  The eternal optimist grabs a few snaps at f3.9. I'm expecting too much. I'm gonna need longer on this.

nebula IC405 flaming star in auriga
700d + pn208   18 x 120s @ ISO800 


pn208 m45 and APT

Do forgive the poor could-be-real-nice-but-looks-a-mess processing. Oh, and a plug for Ivo Stoynov's excellent APT camera control software. €18 well spent.  I'll let this speak for itself...
open cluster m45 the pleiades in taurus
canon 1200d + pn208 44 x 150s @ ISO800