don't laugh

They said this was small, but really... Not even the long reflector could make much of it and at 6 minutes per snap, any dropped frame costs more than usual. Of 30 or so frames, I lost 8; 40 minutes of sitting there for nothing. Anyway, onto the PHD2 guys. It looks like some sort of flexure but hey, at least I got something.

2500 light years away, here is a little planetary nebula. An old star shedding gas at the end of its life.
planetary nebula m76 little dumbbell in perseus
700d + nt150l    23 x 300s, 360s @ ISO800
I tried a drizzle stack. No, still don't know what it does apart from it gets you a little closer but makes it look fuzzy enough like it was taken with one of those awful celestron cassegrain things!