cúmulos X y XI

Trying to decide not to get an OAG. Still... Must satisfy my curiosity and try one. Almost there. Evidently, there is star elongation in these images but I find it hard to find.  Of 37 or so light frames for each, I lost just 4 to bad star trailing. Can't be too bad I try to tell myself...

So here we are. Still with the f8 and with everything as tight as it should be -I think-. Cassiopeia still, imaging each night about 2 hours up to the meridian, trying desperately to remember to stop about 10 minutes before the flip so avoiding the telescope tube crashing into the mount.
open cluster ngc457 the owl in cassiopeia
700d + nt150l    33x150s @ ISO800

open cluster m103 in cassiopeia
700d + nt150l    33x150s @ ISO800