cúmulos VII - IX

Never thought I'd get this far into it but these clusters are addictive, each one having it's own charm. The Bresser optics really come into their own on these targets. Ambient temperature dropped to single figures for the first time since spring.

2800 light years distant and containing a small planetary nebula, the latter I've no idea whether I captured it or not. Anyway here is the first of the batch under a gibbous moon...
open cluster ngc7243 in lacerta
700d + nt150s    33x120s @ ISO 800

This reminds me of the salt and pepper nebula in Auriga. Discovered by Caroline Herschel in 1783, distance 7600 light years.
open cluster ngc7789 la rosa blanca in cassiopeia
700d + nt150s    33x120s @ ISO800

Now with an overpowering gibbous moon rising high over Polop to the north east, why not push my luck?
open cluster ngc7686 in andromeda
700d + nt150s    24x120s @ ISO800