cúmulos luna llena

Almost full moon so of course a perfectly clear sky with all but the brightest stars on view. Give up? Had a go with the nice 6" reflector, one of Bresser's best. With a maximum exposure in moonlight of 2 minutes, this is the quite pleasant surprise. The sky is crowded around cassiopeia, so I did a bit of homework to nail 663 centre stage.

 ngc  discoverer        year   dist(ly)
 659  caroline herschel 1783   8200
 633  william  herschel 1787   6850
 654  caroline herschel 1783   8200

fov 152:f5
astrometry.net plate-solve

clusters ncg 659 663 and 654 in cassiopeia
700d + nt150s    29 x 120s @ ISO800