7331 and stephan II revisit

My annual visit to Pegasus was blessed this year by crystal clear seeing helped by warm conditions which didn't drop below the dew-point, so obviating the need for the atmosphere to support its usual burden of air saturated with water vapour; IOW haze.
celestron 6" f8 refractor
bresser 6" f8 reflector
Here's last year's try with the Celestron refractor dating back to my Alcarria days of  the '90s. This year, the -longer- exposures are spread over 2 nights with the no nonsense Bresser reflector managing to retain some good colour data. With distances from 40-300 million light years...
galaxy clusters ngc7331 deer lick and (top right) stephan's quintet in pegasus
700d + nt150L    36x360s @ ISO800