O level Engineering Workshop: theory and practise
I must have been in what they called the fourth form. Chaucer Comprehensive School, Sheffield, 1972. I heard this and wanted to run away.

Learning the sax part to Remake Remodel [1] 42 years on? I wonder.

I tried but I could not find a way
Looking back all I did was look away
Next time is the best we all know
But if there is no next time where to go?
She's the sweetest queen I've ever seen
CPL five nine three H
See here she comes, see what I mean?
CPL five nine three H
I could talk talk talk, talk myself to death
But I believe I would only waste my breath
Ooh show me

And here we are at The Paris Theatre, London, 16 September, 1972, with a stunning version of Remake Remodel, introduced for the BBC by Bob Harris.

[1] Ferry's capitalisation