Samba 4 Screenshots

First, a warning: There is no Windows server in this system.

Nobody puts a human face on Samba 4. It's a remarkable achievement which has the capability of threatening Microsoft's stranglehold on corporate (and not so corporate) networks. Let's try to make it more accessible.

Here, we have installed Samba 4 as a PDC, DNS and NFSv4 server on openSUSE. A Samba 4 user called steve4 logs onto a windows 7 machine and saves a file on his desktop. He logs off and edits the same file logged into to an openSUSE client. Then again, this time using an Ubuntu client. The Administrator intervenes and makes a profile path for another domain user, steve2. But remember, this is all controlled from the Linux PDC running Samba 4.

You now have the choice. Your stuff is the same whether you choose a Linux or a windows workstation. Same files, same permissions. Choice of 2 flavours. No more costly windows licences either.

windows 7 domain logon

Windows 7 as a. VirtualBox guest of openSUSE
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Creating a LibreOffice document in Windows

Admin setting the roaming profile for a user

Editing the document under XFCE
Editing the document under Unity
Setting up the Linux client. This was easier than we expected. Just to confuse you, this is with user steve5. Had already done the screenshots before I noticed. Sorry.

root actually doing some work for a change

The moment of truth. But be warned. . .

. . .Kerberos is watching you

Where the hell is Yast buried these days?

Surely it can't be this easy. Configure Kerberos

root_squashing, pam and the shiny new krb5.conf

Editing a memo left on your Windows desktop. Handy;)
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