Great Graphic Tablet Collections of the World

The ultimate in minimalism
 Meet the Ocelot in Cairo
Oneiric glx-dock
Go on. Admit it. You're envious of my graphics tablet collection. I don't blame you. How many of your mates have 3 (yes, three) graphics tablets? Eh? Go on then. How many? See. Told you. That's why I get all the birds, see.

Linux is great for working with graphics tablets. They work like pens, charcoal, erasers, smudges, air brushes and are great for taking away wrinkles on passport photos. But it just has to be Ubuntu. Don't ask me why. They work just as well in openSUSE, but somehow I just don't associate the latter with graphics, movies and mp3's. openSUSE is all high powered server university technical stuff. Ubuntu is mac for Linux. Better, but without the crazy price tags! 

The Collection
Clockwise from left. Genius 8 x 6 Wizardpen. Stone-age Acer from 2006, A4 Aiptek and cute 5 x 4 Wacom.
Setting up pressure for the big Aiptek
Winter in Benidorm